I am Kimi Harris, a freelance writer and journalist. My work is featured at Christianitytoday.com, Crosswalk.com, Thegospelcoalition.com, Christianity.com, and Fathommag.com. You can find links to my articles here.

I often delve into the sensitive and tender issues in my writing, including topics such as suffering, loss, abuse in church cultures, and more. I believe that the truth will set us free, and naming the hard things can help bring light and joy back into our lives.

I am married to my husband, Joel Harris, a pastor and worship leader, and we live with our three girls in South Dakota. We moved from the NW but love our new home. As a family, we love storytelling in various forms, including books, musicals, theater, songwriting, and movies and shows. We also love to gather around a table laden with good food with friends.

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