Where to Find Other Articles I’ve Written

Between moving, several trips, and a few bad colds, I’ve neglected to let you know until now that I’ve had several articles published elsewhere. Some of them tackle difficult topics – essential topics, but difficult too.

The first is one I wrote for Christianity Today on Empathy. While I share some personal stories, the thrust of the article is sharing research on the topic. Researching this topic was fascinating.

Read: Can Pain Cultivate Empathy in Us? 

I wrote the second piece for Fathom Magazine. This was both profoundly personal and gives a hopeful and beautiful view of what Jesus says to us about caring for victims.

Read: “Who is my Neighbor” in a #Metoo and #Churchtoo world?

My third article was written for Christianity Today and was reporting on how predators groom church communities. It was challenging to research, but it’s a vital topic to discuss and understand. My hope is that it helps bring better understanding to church communities. This one has received an almost overwhelming amount of attention, showing me that it’s a topic many victims ache for their churches to understand.

Read: Sexual Offenders Groom Church Communities too

If you have any feedback you’d like to give on any of these articles, feel free to contact me via my contact form. I always appreciate hearing from you.